Ohio Record Expungement

A record expungement can help legally seal a conviction from background checks that are common practice when seeking employment, housing, college applications, and professional licensing. Our team stays current on the statutes in Ohio and have been able to help clients when other firms have told them they were not eligible.

Our firm specializes in the expungement of criminal convictions in Ohio. Expungement is the legal process whereby an offender can have their record sealed after they have completed the terms of their conviction, any probation or restitution and have met the requirements for the waiting period following discharge of the case.  We serve all 88 counties in Ohio and have represented clients all over the state of Ohio.

Expungement Team

Our team works to research the details of the conviction and prepares the necessary expungement documents to file the application. We will also provide representation in court if required. At the end of the process, we will serve the national databases that collect background information that the conviction has been sealed. Finally, we’ll provide you with the documentation needed to prove that conditions have been met to have the record expunged.

Don’t let a criminal record of Conviction or a Non-Conviction ruin your life, your family, or your career future. Contact our law firm for a confidential and free expungement consultation to determine if you are eligible for an expungement and sealing of a criminal record.