Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Ohio employment law protects against racial discrimination

Unfortunately, racial prejudices continue to exist in society—the workplace is no exception. Employees often face race discrimination exhibited overtly through actions, comments, and crude jokes.  And sometimes the racial discrimination can be more subtle.

Title VII and corresponding Ohio law prohibit employers from taking adverse employment action against employees because of their race or color.  If an employer takes an adverse employment action against an employee based on his or her race or color—as opposed to the merits of the employee’s work—the employer may face liability.

Title VII and Ohio law also prohibit racial harassment in the workplace.

Race discrimination comes in all varieties.  Often an employee is subjected to discipline for violation of a work rule that is not uniformly applied to all employees, or may be passed over for a promotion, wrongfully terminated, or not hired at all due to race or color.

If you have been subjected to an adverse employment action or a wrongful termination based on your race or color, contact our office for a consultation to discuss your rights.