Elder Law and Disability

Elder law is not a precise term.  It is often times thought of as a specialized area of law that involves representing senior citizens and their families and also people with disabilities.  This can include many different issues including estate planning and quality of life issues.  Specifically elder law attorneys may represent clients in estate planning and probate matters, probate avoidance, guardianships, Medicare and Medicaid, estate and gift tax, retirement issues, elder abuse or neglect, and insurance issues.  Often times the elderly or disabled seek advice from an elder law attorney to help with the preservation of assets when their spouse is preparing to enter a nursing home.  This would include information about Medicaid and Medicare.  Elderly and disabled clients also need to do disability planning which would include financial powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney and living wills.  Probate avoidance is a major concern for elderly people.  The probate process is not as costly and time consuming as clients may believe.  However, a knowledgeable elder law attorney can work with clients to minimize or avoid the probate process.