Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle maintains a permanent record of one’s driving record of traffic violations, accidents, and suspensions. If you receive 12 points on your drivers license within a 2 year period, your license will be suspended for a period of 6 months.

The Courts and Law Enforcement Agencies can access a person’s driving record for virtually all the years a person has been driving. The general public can typically access a person’s driving record for only the past three years.

You can obtain your own driving record through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. You may obtain an official driving record from the Bureau of Motor Vehicle by mailing in a request for the record or appearing at a local deputy registered agency.

Obtain your official driving record online:

The information on obtaining an official driving record can be located at the following website:


Obtain your unofficial driving record online: 

You may also obtain an unofficial copy of your driving record online through the Ohio BMV Website. To view your unofficial BMV driving record, please go to the website below; and follow the links to view your driving record online.


Or go to the site below and complete the information requested.