Ohio’s Home Solicitation Sales Act (“HSSA”)

A close companion of CSPA is Ohio’s Home Solicitation Sales Act (“HSSA”).  This law, found at Sections 1345.21 to 1345.28 of the Ohio Revised Code, applies to most transactions for goods or services where the contract is negotiated in your home or a place other than the place of business of the seller of the goods or services.

HSSA imposes several requirements on sellers including that a written contract be signed and that it include a specific provision advising the consumer of the right to cancel the deal within three (3) business days.  The 3-day cancellation period does not begin to run until the properly-worded notice is delivered to the consumer.  This means that if the seller fails to comply with this HSSA requirement, the consumer may cancel the deal even after the goods have been furnished and the services completed.  Courts have actually enforced this portion of HSSA, in some cases allowing the consumer to retain the goods and services while requiring the seller to give the consumer a refund.