Drunk Drivers cause many injuries and death in Ohio each year.  Drunk driving is a crime in Ohio and the driver will be prosecuted by the State and they may even go to jail.  However, does not help the injured victim of a drunk driving accident.  When a person has been injured by a drunk driver, the victim will need bring a personal injury claim against the drunk driver and their insurance company to recover for their injuries, medical bills and lost income.   In the case of serious injury a victim especially needs an attorney to protect their claims to make sure that they are fully compensated for all claims, including future medical expense, loss of quality of life, and future loss of income.  In those tragic accidents when a drunk driver causes death of another, the victim’s family will require an attorney to represent them for the wrongful death of their family member.

In Ohio, personal injury claims against drunk drivers will often include a claim for punitive damages.  Punitive damages seek to punish drunk drivers for their unlawful and dangerous conduct that lead to the injury of another.  Punitive damages are in addition to the compensatory damages and are assessed as a civil punishment for the bad acts of the drunk driver.

An important consideration in drunk driving accidents is whether there are additional defendants besides the drink driver.  A complete investigation of where and how a person became drunk is important.  There may be other potential defendants who may be partially at fault, such as: a bar or club who served a person an unreasonable amount of alcohol that lead to the person being drunk.  They may share some responsibility and liability for a victim’s injury in a drunken driving accident.  As a result, it is important to hire an experienced counsel to fully investigate and obtain evidence early in drunk driving accidents to preserve evidence before it is destroyed or lost.

Drunk drivers cause more than just injuries.  In addition to medical bills and wage loss, one’s pain and suffering is a major element of a drunk driver accident claim. A person’s injuries may have an impact on their ability to carry on with a normal life. Pain may restrict an injured victim’s ability to do every day task.  Injuries from a drunk driving accident may affect a victim’s ability to work, drive a car, participate in hobbies or exercise, enjoy their family life, or other personal activities. If a person has suffered a permanent injury and requires future medical expenses for your treatment, they are entitled to compensation for all of these losses.


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