Traffic Law Attorney

If you have developed driver’s license issues, you may need the assistance of our driver’s license attorney to help you become un-entangled from the government red-tape of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Driver’s License problems can happen from a variety of circumstances and can result in license suspension, license revocation, and expensive reinstatement fees. Suspended Driver’s License is the temporary loss of an Ohio driver’s license. A Revoked License is a long term loss of license or canceled Ohio Driver’s license. Once the period of revocation or suspension of license has ended, a person does not automatically receive their license back. Rather, a person will typically have to pay a reinstatement fee and may have to reapply for a new driver’s license.

No one can afford to be without their Ohio driver’s license. In today’s economy, the loss of driving privileges in Ohio can have a devastating effect on a person’s ability to get a job or keep their current job. A driver’s license suspension can impact an entire family. Whether it is taking kids to school, attending medical appointments, or simply picking up groceries, an Ohio driver’s license is a necessary part of life.

One of the first steps necessary to reinstating a driver’s license is to know the reason for the suspension and the law and regulations that apply. With the ever increasing number of new types of suspensions and aggressive police enforcement of license violations, it is more important than ever that to have an attorney represent help you to resolve suspensions issues and reinstate your license.

As an example of the complexity of Ohio laws relating to driver’s license issues, the follow is a list of some of the circumstance that can result in license suspensions and sanctions:

12 Point Suspension
Administrative License Suspension (ALS) – Positive Test
Administrative License Suspension (ALS) – Test Refusal
Child Support Suspension
Court Suspensions
First Offense OVI (DUI)
Habitual Use of Alcohol/Drugs
High School Suspension
In-State Drug Related
Juvenile Suspension
License/Bond Forfeiture
Liquor Law (Violations)
Medical (Restricted or Suspension)
National Driver Registry (NDR)
Non-Compliance (Crash Report/Accident/Traffic Ticket)
Non-Resident Violator Compact
Out-of-State Alcohol or Drug-Related Offenses
Operating a Vehicle After Under Age Consumption (OVUAC)
Physical Control of a Vehicle While Intoxicated
Probationary License Suspension/OVI (DUI)
Probationary License Suspension/OVUAC
Probationary Revocations (2 Violations)
Probationary Revocations (3 Violations)
Random Selection
Second Offense OVI (DUI)
Security Suspension
Tobacco Violation
Violation of Restriction Suspension
Weapon on School Property
If you are dealing with the consequences of serious license issues, we can help. As a former prosecutor, our driver’s license attorney has the experience to help you back on the road. Call us for a FREE CONSULT at (614)-523-7575.