Consumer Law, Columbus Ohio

There are numerous state and federal laws enacted to protect consumers against fraud, as well as unfair, deceptive and unscrupulous practices that don’t rise to the level of actual fraud in an entire range of everyday transactions. While this list of these laws is quite lengthy, some of the most commonly-used and effective of them are listed below.

The primary Ohio laws through which consumers may assert and enforce their rights are:

  • The Consumer Sales Practices Act (applicable to purchases of goods and services and transactions with residential mortgage brokers)
  • The Home Solicitation Sales Act (applicable to purchases of consumer goods and services occurring in your home)
  • Lemon Law (applicable to the purchase or lease of new vehicles)
  • Prepaid Entertainment Contract Act (applicable to memberships for gyms, health clubs, spas, dating services, weight reduction programs, etc.)
  • The Business Opportunity Purchasers Protection Act (applicable to the purchase of franchise or similar business arrangements)

On the federal level, there are:

  • The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (applicable to warranties made in connection with consumer transactions)
  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (applicable to certain unlawful debt collection practices)
  • Truth-in-Lending Act (applicable to residential mortgage loans)

Using the above and other laws, we have obtained successful outcomes for our clients in hundreds of disputes with car dealers, home improvement contractors, new home builders, retailers and educational and financial institutions. In many of these cases, we have been able to recoup our clients’ attorney’s fees as well as damages or rescission of the transaction often without ever having to go to court.

In one very recent case, for example, we went to arbitration with a car dealer which
resulted in an award requiring a car dealer to refund to our client a year’s worth of car payments made, pay-off of the balance of the auto loan and pay her attorney’s fees, punitive damages and all of the arbitration fees. Of course, each case is different and while this exact result is not possible in all cases, it is not unusual for courts or arbitrators to make awards of this magnitude when supported by the facts and law.

If you believe that you have been taken advantage of in a consumer transaction and contact us, we will often conduct an initial screening over the phone. In some instances, we may suggest a certain course of action that you may be able to take to resolve the matter on your own. In many cases, we may invite you for an initial fact-finding interview. We do not charge a fee for this initial interview. Fees will not be charged until we accept your case.