Commercial Litigation Counsel

Providing Commercial Litigation Counsel in Columbus, Ohio

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Our commercial litigation practice provides representation to our clients either as plaintiffs or defendants in a wide range of  disputes arising out of business relationships and agreements.  Our attorneys have years of experience and appear in state and federal courts throughout Ohio and in other jurisdictions, both at the trial level and appellate level.  Some examples of commercial litigation for which we provide representation include:  breach of contract;;  claims of self-dealing;  conflicts of interest; unfair and deceptive trade practices; unfair competition;  violations of restrictive covenants; territorial restrictions and intellectual property rights.  Our lawyers have also handled business tort claims, including, tortious interference with business relationships, and  fraud, and arising from the sale or purchase of a business.

While we provide aggressive representation to our clients in court, we also recognize many cases can be resolved favorably without the expense and time commitment of trial. We skillfully employ many forms of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation in an effort to resolve business disputes in a cost effective manner. We help our clients weigh the risk, the benefits,  and the cost of litigation verses the prospects of resolution by settlement or mediation in order to meet our clients objectives.

We understand that disputes and litigation are a threat to the profitability of operations of any business.  Regardless of whether you are entering a civil litigation lawsuit as the defendant or the plaintiff, it is of utmost importance for you to have a qualified lawyer by your side.  An Ohio civil litigation attorney who is experienced in commercial litigation matters can make all the difference in deciding if your case will be successful.

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