One of the questions clients purchasing real estate often ask is whether they need an attorney if they are working with a realtor. The simple answer is that in most cases it is wise to have legal counsel whose sole job is to protect your interests.  Keep in mind that while most realtors who represent the buyer’s side of the deal are very dedicated to protecting their clients’ interests, they do not receive a commission unless the sale happens.

If you are going to have an attorney represent you, it is best to get the attorney involved at the beginning of the process before you sign a purchase contract. Your attorney can review the offer written by your realtor before it gets delivered to the seller’s agent and sometimes add language to better protect you and meet your objectives. Your attorney will be available to assist you in evaluating and responding to any counteroffers prepared by the seller and then represent you at the closing. We typically meet with the buyer-clients prior to closing to review all the documents you’ll be signing. This allows us the opportunity to explain and for you to understand what you will be signing without the pressure of having the seller, realtors, and closing officer waiting for you to sign. It also permits us to correct any errors in advance so the actual closing can be more brief and efficient.