6th Feb 2015

It is the ten year anniversary of the implementation of the Program Electronic Review Management process by the US Department of Labor (DOL). This program is designed to force employers to show the need for an employee and the lack … more

25th Aug 2014

A recent article by the Columbus Dispatch highlights the efforts made by Mayor Michael Coleman to attract and retain immigrants to the our fair city. Cementing Columbus’ reputation as a progressive and immigration friendly city, the mayor’s office has initiated … more

3rd Mar 2014

We are down to the final month of preparation for H-1B visas to be filed under the 2015 Visa Cap. March 2014 is a busy month for immigration lawyers and H-1B employers alike. Employers and employers should be making preparations … more

6th Feb 2014

  The mayor of Detroit, Michigan has announced a bold and unique solution to his city’s shrinking population and tax base. He proposes that Detroit be allowed to provide 50,000 visas to high skilled workers who pledge to relocate to the … more